Monday, November 9, 2009

A New Favorite Entree

Like most people, we like to go out around the neighborhood and try new dishes. Last week we were happily surprised when we opted for a new entree at Ma & I (1234 S. Michigan). When we've gone to the restaurant before we've gone for noodles, sushi, curries and standard Thai entrees which have mostly been solid.

This time we decided to try out the "Sear Tuna Salad" which is described on the menu as:
Seared tuna tossed with citrus soy dressing on organic salad
To be honest, this doesn't do it justice to the dish. We love ourselves some seared tuna and have tried out variations of this fish at various locations throughout the city and this was probably the second best seared tuna dish we've ever had (FYI - Catch 35 at 35 West Wacker is slightly better, but it's also nearly double the price).

Anyway, the tuna at Ma & I was very tender and practically melted in your mouth. When we've had this type of dish in the past it's typically encrusted with pepper and sesame seeds, but at Ma & I they had an interesting seasoning that gave it a different taste. The cold raw tuna coupled with the slightly spicy seasoning was different and really nice. The salad also comes with a refreshing citrus dressing that we really enjoyed. In terms of other ingredients it had a lot of avocados and grape tomatoes, which is always a plus in our book.

All in all a new favorite for us in the Sloop. At $14.95 we will be enjoying this one again!


Anonymous said...

Depends on the breed, Tuna usually is NOT the most sustainable fish to order,

Scrumpy said...

We'll have to give the place a try.

I had to laugh at the link to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Reminded me that the last time I got an order for Peapod, there was a seafood flyer that featured the Shedd Aquarium.

Andy Sites said...

I'm all for giving reviews to places in Sloop, but writing a review in the plural first person just sounds awkward. I know this blog is trying to be a collective opinion of many writers (although I sense there is only one) - perhaps for specific opinions like reviews of dishes, you could write in the singular first person?

Szabo said...

I love everything at Ma & I. Sloop has some of the best dinner options in the city.