Sunday, March 7, 2010

Groupon Today: $20 for Beer, Meat and Cheese at Villains

We're big fans of Villain's Bar & Grill (629 S. Clark) and that's why we were excited to wake up this morning, check email and see today's Groupon promotion. For $20 you get to sample Beer, Meat and Cheese:
While fresh, local foods get a lot of hype, vampires and Abe Vigoda know that
eating aged and fermented foods can lead to immortality and enhanced eyebrow
dexterity. For $20, today's Groupon lets you taste a triumvirate of
well-aged cheeses, meats, and craft beers at Villain's Bar & Grill in
Printer's Row (a $47 value).

Act quick it ends today!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Terrible Groupon. I recently redeemed this coupon only to find the product offered wasn't normally on the menu.
1. You can't discount something you don't sell. It may have been worth $20, but definately not the $47 they claimed it was.
2. The place was almost empty, but the bartender insisted on immediately pouring the beer samples while we were waiting for our last guest to arrive. We had ordered full size beers and an appetizer while we were waiting.
3. The sample beers were pretty common beers. The place had a ton to choose from though.
4.The meat and cheese plate itself was well done and generous.
5. Since our party of 7 felt scammed by Viilains, we will never go back there. (Only three of us had the groupon, the rest were ordering from the regular menu.)
6. We are also convinced they don't always give you the beer you order.