Thursday, March 18, 2010

Rumor Has It....Cuatro Loses it's Liquor License?

Not sure if this is true, but a reader writes:
I have heard rumors that Cuatro (2030 S. Wabash) lost their liquor license. Any truth to this? If it is true does that mean we can BYOB?
This is news to us, but according to the front page of the Cuatro website "We are now BYOB". I wonder how this will affect their business.

(Hat Tip MF!)


Anon (SC) said...

This happened to Cuatro in Dec as well...there is something about renewing the license, so this may be temporary or they decided to do away with the chicago politics involved with a liquor license...if they BYOB, you'll see me there very soon. Great place to chill, eat, dance, but if I can bring my own wine, nice.

Rocky said...

They have a large sign on the front of the building that says "We Are Now BYOB" or something to that effect.

FGFM said...

Speaking of booze, Blackie's got written up in the Sun-Times.

Anonymous said...

Apparently the city takes away your liquor license when you don't pay your taxes, who knew? As a friend of mine who manages a bar said, "you don't f with the city these days, they're looking for all the cash they can get."

Unknown said...

Went to Cuatro for brunch (super yummy with live music BTW), and our waitress let us know this was temporary and they'd be getting the license back "soon".