Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sox Still King in the South Loop


Anonymous said...

Hey - pretty good mix though. South Loop has a lot of cubs and sox fans, but it is more a Bears town anyway.

Unknown said...

Bears are the glue that brings Sox & Cub fans together.

I'm a lifetime southsider and love the Sox, but I also enjoy watching the cubs win (except vs. the sox). I frown on holligan Chicago baseball fans that "hate" the other side's team... they are both from Chicago, right?

Anonymous said...

Glad to see that the South Loop hasn't been taken over by Cubs "fans," i.e. transplants from Iowa, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, etc. to the level that Lakeview has.

Every true Chicago native knows that there's only one real baseball team in town.

Go Go Sox!

Unknown said...

Every REAL Chicago native knows that there's only TWO baseball teams in town... the Sox happen to be more about baseball and the Cubs entertain the beer garden.