Saturday, March 27, 2010

Boss Man Fioretti?

We got a kick out of this article from the Chicago Reader looking at potential successors for Mayor if Daley doesn't run for another term. They size up 2nd ward Alderman, Bob Fioretti:
The City Council is hardly a bastion of independence or progressivism, and no
Daley loyalist in the bunch would run while the mayor's in the race. (Should he
retire, though, look out: "Hey, if he doesn't run, everybody in here's going for
it," one alderman says.)

But several of our bolder aldermen appear to be considering a challenge. Bob Fioretti of the Second Ward may be the most likely to pull the trigger. After just three years in office, Fioretti has become one of the real characters in local politics. His allure and his Achilles' heel are the same—he knows how to work all sides. He's comfortable cutting tax increment financing deals in the back room and then walking to the front and telling reporters about it. He's pushed to improve oversight of city contracting and the budget but voted in favor of the parking meter deal. He's a prosperous white
lawyer who spends a lot of time in the poor neighborhoods of his ward and is fairly well known on black radio.

(Hat Tip: Chicago Journal!)

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