Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Shout Out to Tejas Yoga

A reader writes favorably about Tejas Yoga in the Sloop:
Thank you for posting the information on the new hot yoga center that will open eventually in the Sloop. I practice yoga and am always interested in new places to practice, especially ones in the neighborhood. I noticed that your blog didn't feature Tejas Yoga which opened towards the end of last year. I know that one of the owners actually lives in the in the Sloop. I've attended a few classes here and would love for them to get some attention so they can build a sustainable business in the Sloop.
(Hat Tip: LH!)
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cc said...

Thanks for the post I had no idea about this place, but it looks great!

allie g said...

The atmosphere couldn't be more inviting, and everyone is so friendly. LOVE this place!

Anonymous said...

Tejas is great. Low-key atmosphere, awesome classes (challenging in just the right way).