Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New Goodyear off to a Good Start in the Sloop

We've had a couple of people send us emails and write comments on Sloopin about the new Goodyear Tires establishment at 2017 S. Wabash.  Here is what one person tells us:
Came to the new Goodyear on Wabash for an oil change and tire rotation. Prices are reasonable and staff are really friendly. Great addition to the sloop. I'll yelp it up.
(Hat Tip PF!)


Anon (SC) said...

Got oil change tonight at the new goodyear. Pulled up, they opened glass garage. Walked in, gave them my info. Friendly guys work here. They are still pretty new as they do have chairs, table, flat screen tv, but no magazines and their tire displays are very empty right now. I was in/out within 25 minutes, which I thought was long, but it was around closing time (7pm - weekdays).

Anonymous said...

Located just outside the south loop is a tire shop, well established, friendly, that carrys just about every brand of tire. These guys are the real deal. One of if not the highest recomended shops in the city of chicago. Tire Grading, located on Cermak 2 blocks east of Ashland. I would not go anywhere else, it would be a waste of time and your money.