Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Avatar Gets the Nod

Based on our informal poll it looks like Avatar is going to win the the best picture on Sunday, March 7th at the Oscars. Although the story is a little cheesy in our opinion, it's still entertaining. and visually was really amazing (and we're 3d skeptics).

Of more interest to us Sloopers, we went to the Roosevelt Collection movie theater recently to check out Avatar and the place was buzzing. Although our movie wasn't sold out, it was probably 75% full and the VIP section was packed (it was a Saturday night after all). We also tried to get some food at the second floor lounge prior to the movie, but there was a wait. Although we didn't get food, it was encouraging that the place/concept seems to be doing well.

As we have repetitively said, the Roosevelt Collection is a good addition to the neighborhood and will continue to be especially once the retail opens. If you don't believe us check out this post on the Chicago Journal by Bonnie McGrath about the movie theater.

Based on our poll (and judging by what we've read), the best picture looks to be a race between Avatar and Hurt Locker. We recently rented Hurt Locker from the red box at Jewel and enjoyed the movie. It was done very well and gave a good depiction of what war in Iraq looks like. At the end of the day we anticipate Avatar winning, but wouldn't be surprised to see Hurt Locker win. It seems like it's more of an 'Oscar' type of movie then Avatar.


Anonymous said...

It is a very sad commentary on our country if Avatar wins. On the one hand, it was a great CGI extravaganza- no doubt. On the other hand it was the age old story of technology and brute strength losing to the more religious/spiritual people.
But on the third hand it was the notion that after 3 months of training, a white Marine from earth becomes more indigenous than an entire planet of indigenous people. Can't white people leave being indigenous to the indigenous?? As for the story line, it was The Last Samurai and Dances with Wolves and so many others, that to win best of anything it should be plagiarism.

MarkChicago said...

Don't forget The Mexican.

Avatar looks like a video game. "Doesn't anyone notice this, I feel like i'm taking crazy pills!"

Sloopy said...

Yeah, avatar sort of feels like a video game...but an amazing video game graphically.

Also, we appreciate the Zoolander reference.

Tim said...

I think the whole point of Avatar is translating the experience of a really immersive video game into film. There is almost nothing to the story, but the film hooks viewers each time it takes them back to its immersive fantasy world of Pandora.

The 3D computer-generated imagery is so effective that viewers begin to feel that they are really in that world and they don't want to leave. This is how the movie gets away with its 162 minute runtime.

Video game players are very familiar with this feeling, but to those uninitiated, it is a completely new, and addictive experience. My parents can finally understand why and how I spent so many consecutive hours playing video games as a child!