Friday, February 26, 2010

Bacon Popcorn...Yum?

We've heard a lot about the bacon popcorn at the new Roosevelt Collection movie theater, but have not had a chance to try it out (however we had a similar concoction at Revolution Brewery a couple of weekends ago). Here is a review of the unusual popcorn at the theater's 2nd floor lounge:
The first few bites were great — the bacon cubes melted on my tongue, the popcorn complemented with crunch. But soon the bacon cooled, some kernels were stale, and there was an odd brown powder clinging to others.

Halfway through my small bowl I stopped eating the upscale popcorn, envious of the tub of regular stuff the guy at the end of the bar was stuffing into his face. It felt a little like walking out of a theater midway through a blockbuster that cost hundreds of millions of dollars to produce.


Anonymous said...

If I found little pieces of "brown-paper" in my popcorn, I would ask for a new one. I've had the bacon popcorn the last two times I've been there and it was great. It's small in size and big on flavor.

MarkChicago said...

Powder...brown powder.

Anyways, sounds pretty good. The pretzels are great at Icon also, they are broken up into bite-size chunks and supply you enough cheese to support Wisconsin's economy.

Tim said...

I tried the bacon popcorn and finished it, but I probably wouldn't order it again. It was tasty enough, and fun to try, but the flavor was just a little too strong for me.

Unknown said...

I don't like popcorn, but I finished off that bowl of bacon popcorn.

Anonymous said...

The restaurant in the theater is a great idea - they need more variety in the appetizer category (food is pretty good though) and a nicer host staff at night (the girls were SO rude!). The bartenders were great and most of the waiters have been really good too - except one that was definitely off... Anyway, nice edition to the south loop.