Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Construction Update for Community Center at Indiana & 18th

From PDNA (prairie district neighborhood alliance) February Newsletter:
Park 550 - Park District Community Center and Women's Park

Construction is nearly complete of phase one of the Community Center with plans to open early spring. The Park District is working on final staffing plans.

Watch for news coming soon on the grand opening celebration.

The Advisory Council is collectively working on the vision for phase 2 and phase 3 for the facility. We will be seeking community input with this important development process.

The Park 550 Advisory Council Board of Directors is seeking community stake holders to serve on a variety of task forces and committees. If you wold like to get involved, please email park550advisorycouncil@gmail.com

Advisory Council Website: park550advisorycouncil.com
Advisory Council Email: park550advisorycouncil@gmail.com


Andy Sites said...

What are the goals and function of this center?

Jim in the Sloop said...


Click on the website link in the posting - its all there.

Jim in the Sloop said...

Well. Having looked at the website, it leaves more questions than answers. I particularly like the "vote for a name" on the bottom of the page. I think I'll vote for "option 3 to be derminined", although "option 2 to be determined" also has a certain appeal. Sheesh.

Also, can someone explain the function of a "Women's Park" and why we need one? Where's the "Men's Park">

Andy Sites said...

I vote Name 3!

Anonymous said...

Womens Park & Gardens is the existing park on Prairie between 18th and Cullteron. "These gardens join a central fountain and commemorative walkway in gracing a park specifically designed to honor the achievements of owmen significant in Chicago history"
Source: Google