Saturday, February 6, 2010

Another Glowing Review for Columbia's Media Production Center

This time from Chicago Tribune architectural critic, Blair Kamin, who seems to be a big fan of the building:
The design (for the media production center) is a serious work of architecture, but it is also playful, even joyful. Already, students have affectionately nicknamed it the “Film Kids Discovery Zone.”

If you're looking for more on the building or specifically the architect, Jeanne Gang, we found a great piece by The New Yorker (Hat tip to Chicago Journal for this one). Although the majority of the New Yorker article talks about Gang's impressive Aqua tower (which is an awesome building if you're not familiar with it), it also talks about Gang's vision for the Media Production Center towards the end of the article:
At Columbia, an arts college housed in a series of old buildings, Gang’s center, the first entirely new structure that the college has built, is an exuberant building of concrete and glass whose interior is laid out so as to emphasize framed views from one area to another: Gang approached the project thinking in terms of how a director might frame shots through a camera. She also tinted some of the glass in the fa├žade to resemble the blocks of color in a television test pattern.

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