Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Going GaGa for Lolla

It's rumor season for Lollapalooza and it sounds like Lady GaGa, Soundgarden, Arcade Fire, Green Day and the Strokes might be headlining the annual festival that invades our backyard every summer (August 6-8 this year).  To be honest we're not huge fans of any of these groups, but that won't stop us from attending.  In our past experiences, when you don't know or like somebody you usually are pleasantly surprised.  For more background here is another link to the site that reported the rumors (and some interesting tidbits and pictures from Lady GaGa's set at Lolla in 2007 when she wasn't as popular or crazy).

If these rumors prove to be true, there will be one headlining slot left open.  Should be interesting to see who that might be.  Regardless enjoy some Arcade Fire:

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