Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Little Mobster History for Valentine's Day

A reader writes:
Watched a history channel show on the valentines day massacre tonight. They mentioned a place called Colosimos which was owned by a guy that Capone worked for at one time. This restaurant was an old haunt of Capones and is at 21st and Wabash which is now an empty lot. Past and current pictures on the website below. I find that era of Chicagos history very interesting and I think the sloop was a huge part of the south side gang. Take a look if you're bored.
(Hat Tip PF!)

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Anonymous said...

Read a little more, I guess Capone ended up killing colosimo at that place. Capone had his HQ just up the road at a place called "4 dueces" at 2222 S Wabash.