Friday, February 5, 2010

Comments on Dearborn/Polk Intersection

An anonymous poster left a comment on our Ald. Fioretti Open Thread that we found interesting and worthy of being brought up to the front page:
I saw some signs tonight over in Dearborn Park regarding the stop sign issue at Dearborn/Polk. I wish more of an effort had been made to publicize this effort, as I would have been happy to contact the Alderman's office prior to this meeting...which is tomorrow (which was yesterday).

I always heard they removed the stop signs that used to be there when they were constructing the Clark/Roosevelt viaduct to help with the traffic flow. I think returning the stop signs there would be great. It would make for a more pedestrian friendly area and hopefully slow drivers down...especially those drivers that fly around the corner when turning right from Polk to Dearborn. Of course, this being Chicago, I'm sure the stop signs will just be ignored like all the other ones in the city.

People be driving way too fast...and not just in the sloop.
There are also some other good comments on the topic here.

(Hat Tip to AC and Carl for their contributions as well!)


Andy Sites said...

This nook really is one of my favorite parts of South Loop. With the new park, this area has one of the most pedestrian feels in the whole city. I'd love to see efforts to extend this

Carl said...

You've got Jones Prep, a Columbia dorm and an olds folks home within a block of this intersection . . . the foot traffic in this area should merit some consideration.

Don't get me wrong, I don't want this area cordoned off like State St. used to be but anything that constricts car traffic/speed would be Ok by me.

If a petition of some sort needs to me started, I'l be more than happy to institute/execute it.