Wednesday, February 17, 2010

City Embraces Capone

This past weekend we posted about Colosimo's restaurant which was a notorious mobster haunt in the South Loop back in the day. Today we read an article about the city officially embracing Al Capone.

I talks about the Lexington Hotel which was at the corner of 22nd and Michigan. Does anyone know if this is still around? I'm pretty sure it's not, but couldn't find any clear answers online.

UPDATE: Some great videos (thanks to the people who provide links!) about the hotel. How about the infamous Geraldo Rivera special:

(Image from


FGFM said...

Lexington Hotel site today

The Lexington Hotel was demolished in 1995, the site remained an empty lot in the South Loop neighborhood of Chicago for over a decade until the area was revitalised in the mid 2000's. The 31-story Lexington Park Condominiums was built and completed on this site in Spring 2008.

Anonymous said...

The Lexington Hotel was the site of the infamous Geraldo Rivera 1986 tv special, "The Mystery of Al Capone's Vault."

YouTube Video

David Trang said...
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David Trang said...

Video of the sign:

I wouldn't say Lexington Park was completed in Spring 2008 either. I saw construction going on there up until a few months ago. Now, it's still much like a ghost town, just like the old Hotel.