Friday, August 14, 2009

Roosevelt CTA Stop Gets Some New Paint and a Polish

It's no surprise that when thousands of people use a CTA stop the wear and tear start to show. That was definitely the case at the Roosevelt stop in our neighborhood. Although it's definitely not as tattered as some other CTA stops, it was starting to look (and smell) a little funky.

Late on Monday night we were coming home and saw a relatively large crew painting, polishing and power scrubbing the entire station. It's nice to see them take care of the stop, hopefully this one doesn't get neglected like so many others.

However, we still have one gripe and it has to do with something we call the 'pigeon' exit. For those of you who are not familiar it's the exit from the Green and Orange line platform. It lets you out on the South side of Roosevelt and you can't help but notice the infestation of pigeons. If you don't notice the dead pigeons rotting on top of the roof as you walk down the stairs of the exit, you have to notice the smell. Then once you step outside onto the street you're tip toeing around pigeon poop and dodging low flying pigeons that might as well land on your head.

Wow it's disgusting...we really wish they could do something about this nastiness!


Anonymous said...

The entire Roosevelt stop "experience" is horrifying. From the criminal element lurking all over the place, to the non-existent CTA employees, to the birds and smell. It'll take much more than a power-washing and some cheap paint to make this stop something that the neighborhood deserves.

resident said...

This stop should remind everyone in the sloop why we DO NOT need a new eL station @ 18th and State. All this proposed new eL stop would achieve is further connecting the seedy crimal element into our neighborhood. The CTA Roosevelt stop is one very scarey place (especially due to the utter lack of security.)

Sloopy said...

Personally I don't see the criminal element you both speak of. It definitely smells though.

Maybe if you're utilizing the Roosevelt stop after midnight I could see it being a little scary (same with many CTA stops), but anytime other then that it seems pretty normal to me.

Anonymous said...

I've never notice a higher level of "seedy criminal element" at this stop in relation to other stops.

Security and general sanitation can always be approved upon . . . this is a high traffic spot.

SoLo said...

Apparently you only visit the area near this spot during rush hour and other high volume traffic times. It can be extremely frightening - I never let my wife walk home alone from there after dark. I completely agree that opening a new stop @ 18th and State would destroy that area.

Anonymous said...

Resident, most 'residents' in and around 18th would take the 18th street green line stop in a heart beat. A simple, safe, traditional "L" station will do fine.

Reason 1 - It's a no brainer. It would increase property values.

Reason 2 - It is next to the police station

Reason 3 - It give additional Lakefront and Soldier Field access, which would drive additional business support south of 14th.

Reason 4 - There is a far bigger safety risk walking to Cermak stop. We have Obama's assistant Valarie Jarret to be partially thankful to for that, as her company, Habitat poorly runs the 21st and Michigan apartment building that is making life dificult for many.

Reason 5 - It will fill in development better than a 2nd Cermak Stop.