Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Watch Out When Going Through the 11th Street Museum Campus Pedestrian Underpass

We have seen some major wrecks with hardcore bikers flying around the museum campus and nailing tourists, bikers and leisurely bike cruisers. According to this recent Sun-Times article this underpass is one of the cities most dangerous:
11th Street underpass to the Museum Campus

This underpass helps create a five-way intersection that can be hazardous because southbound cyclists on the trail are heading downhill. “People are coming down here and gathering speed, and people crossing the path aren’t expecting that traffic,” Warren says.
It's true...we've seen it!


Jim in Chicago said...

Well, yes, that is a very dangerous spot - as is the entire stretch from just south of the museums to north of Oak Street Beach. The reality is that *most* bikers are playing by the rules, staying within the bike lanes and signalling to each other as they pass, etc. The problem is the inconsiderate walkers who think they own the entire pathway and can just cross back and forth whenever they want without even bothering to look. Once again, the bikers get blamed.

Sloopy said...

We agree...the bikers are usually the ones paying attention and being considerate. It's the tourists and kids that tend to cause problems. We're not saying we don't want those people within the museum campus, it's just usually their fault.

Regardless, be careful at this underpass

Anonymous said...

That's ridiculous - you both must be bikers. I often walk my son's stroller through that intersection and cannot believe the behavior of bikers. Most bikers come barrelling southbound through that intersection as though riding in the Tour de France. All the while, screaming at everyone else (walkers, joggers, talkers, etc.) to get"the f--k out of the way!"

juliette said...

I'm more concerned about the park district "golf carts" that race down the underpass at 40 mph. I'd prefer getting hit by a bike than a motor car.