Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Gioco and Zapatista Rise to the Top at 1300 S Wabash

We agree! Gioco and Zapatista are our favorites as well.

We've read that people don't like Opera much, but in our opinion it's not that bad. Definitely not in the top two though.

One more comment about the 1300 block of Wabash. It looks like the signs for the stalled development at 1349 S Wabash have come down. We're not 100% sure if this is dead, but it doesn't look promising. Here is a link to an old YoChicago post about this development.


Anonymous said...

While these 2 restaurants may be the best at that intersection, they are far from good. Gioco is an overpriced Olive Garden without the all you can eat salad and coloring placemats for the kiddies. While not in the South Loop, you are far better off heading to Little Italy and enjoying Tuscany, Rosebud, or Francesca's. As for Zapatista, you pay for the ambiance. The food is no better than Chipotle.

Sloopy said...

Americancrow, what's your favorite South Loop restaurant?

Anonymous said...

Why, do you want to go out sometime? (just kidding)

Unfortunately, we South Loopers don't have much of a selection, yet. I am always hopeful and on the lookout for some good places.

I have found a few favorites depending on my wife's mood. For reasonably priced sit down comfort food, I like Grace O'Malley's at 14th & Michigan. For a more dressed up occasion, Tapas Valencia on 16th and State is really good. For pizza, Lou Malnati's at 8th and State, but good luck getting a table. The place is eternally jammed. For holistic fast food (if there is such a thing), head down to Epic Burger on Harrison and State.

Anonymous said...

I have found great bar food at Reggies in the 2100 block of S. State and Villians on Clark just north of Polk.