Friday, August 21, 2009

Chicago Central Area Action Plan Approved

We had a bunch of posts about the Central Area Action Plan a couple of months ago talking about the plan and how it potentially could affect the Sloop. Yesterday the Chicago Plan Commission endorsed the plan as well. Although this is a step in the right direction for supporters of the plan, it still is just a plan and doesn't provide funding:
The commission's unanimous vote is the final action and makes the document official city policy. No City Council action is required because no law was made. While the document includes cost estimates and plans for raising the money, it offers no funding guarantee. Individual projects may have to be deferred for years or may never happen.
Although we imagine that some of the projects will happen by 2020, it's almost 100% certain that all of them won't. Many people feel that the Olympics are the wild card. If Chicago gets the Olympics then some of the projects will likely get the green light quicker.

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Anonymous said...

As a current resident oi this area, what I don't understand is "why?".

Downtown Chicago continues to be way too expensive to live and/or do business in and the current city infrastructure is totally shot to hell. These issues will only get magnified by the aforementioned developments.

I, needless to say, think our getting the Olympics is a colossal meltdown in the making.