Monday, August 10, 2009

Museum Park West to Top out in Early September

One Museum Park West (at 1201 S Prairie) will be topping out in early September according to this real estate news release. Despite the bad real estate market, nearly 70% of the units are under contract. However, that's not that surprising with the views this building will have.


Unknown said...

It cracks me up how the promotional rendering makes it appear all the east facing units have unobstructed lake views. Than again, that's developers.

Sloopy said...

Yeah, but if someone is dumb enough to plop down that much money without doing a little research on the location/building then they deserve to get screwed (however i'm not sure how screwed they would really be since the other views in the building are probably still pretty good).

The building is actually interesting because it looks like it's shaped to make the most of the land and its surrounding buildings. Instead of being a regular rectangle or square shape, it actually has a fifth side that angles towards solider field and the lake (it's a southeast view since One Museum Park is blocking it directly to the east).