Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Smiling Bright Coming to 1247 South Wabash

It looks like Smiling Bright is coming to 1247 S. Wabash. What is Smiling Bright? Well we don't exactly know, but our guess is a dental office (however we hope it's something different). Anyone know anything about this place?

This is where the old boutique Laughing Iguana used to be until it closed last year.


Anonymous said...

Dentist offices, pet stores, low-end groceries, barber shops, and clothing stores for the budding gang-banger in all of us. Why are these the only stores in the sloop?

Clark Harrison said...

I'm guessing here, but I think what's missing is any one commercial strip with a critical mass. Shops and restaurants are scattered all over the place in the neighborhood; there's no one street with the foot traffic and concentration necessary for cool stuff to pop up. S Wabash is probably the closest, but it's no N Damen to say the least.

Lance Uppercut said...

To the top Anon poster, what's with all the hate?

No ones forcing you to live here . . . unless of course you (moronically) bought your residence high and can't get out from underneath it now.

Frankly, I like this neighborhood because of the low-key nature. Bucktown/Lincoln Park it ain't . . . and I see that as a good thing. Since when is a concentration of high-priced retail chains the measure for greatness? You've got State St and the Mag Mile is spitting distance, what more do you want?

pt said...

I'll take a diverse selection of local shops with an intermixing of the super-corp retails in accessible but just distant enough places. Though, sloop has had a couple (or at least one?) dentists that haven't made it over the last year, no?

I think the area would benefit nicely from more health care physicians (general practitioners, family doctors, etc.).

As for groceries... I like what South Loop Market is doing, and I think they'll win the battle of the convenience market in that area. The "fresh grocery" @ 13th/14th (?) will be a good compliment to the convenience shop, and Panozzos IMHO.

As for Succeezz ... it's a boutique. And like many other boutiques, it has a niche. If it does well it's a sign that retail boutiques can work on S Michigan Ave ... and that's a good thing.

Anonymous said...

It's not a good thing if "that" type of boutique works on South Michigan Ave. Let's see how you feel when a slew of similar stores opens up along that corridor. Do you want this strip of the Sloop to be a "destination" for every gang banger from Rogers Park to Robbins to come and get blinged?

Kimberley Watry said...

Smiling Bright is a chain of professional teeth whitening stores, started by two entrepreneurs who recently left the corporate world to launch this unique concept with the simple goal of making teeth whitening affordable for everyone, one smile at a time. The first location is 1247 S. Wabash with more locations opening through out Chicagoland soon.

The smiling bright process is Safe, Affordable, Fast, and Easy.

Safe - a self administered system done in our 100% focused teeth whitening stores in a pain free process.

Affordable - special first time customers pay only $99. Original price $149.

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Easy - the process is simple, and it takes only 20 minutes from start to finish. Appointments are guaranteed and walk ins are always welcomed.

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Lance Uppercut said...

Welcome to the area!

Anonymous said...

Smiling Bright? I bet these two "entreprenuers" are smiling bright after they scammed their previous employer in order to start their business venture together. Unfortunately the 40+ people that lost their jobs because of their unethical and illegal actions and are probably not smiling bright. Good luck with the business venture together.