Monday, August 31, 2009

No Games Chicago has "No Confidence in Civic Federation Report"

Last week we posted about the good news that the Chicago 2016 team got from the audit done by the Civic Federation and today we're going to point you in the direction of No Games Chicago who have issues with the 'independent' claim of the review:
No Games Chicago today issued its own review of the Civic Federation’s review of the 2016 Committee’s finances. “What we’ve got here is the sheep paying the foxes to audit the wolves” said No Games organizer Tom Tresser. “There are so many conflicts of interest in the inception, staffing and execution of this report as to make it virtually toothless.” Nevertheless, despite the many flaws in the reporting process, the document still reveals many new reasons for Chicagoans to be concerned about the 2016 bid process and its authors.
We just wanted to show you some of the places to look if you're questioning the legitimacy of the report.

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Tom Tresser said...

Thanks for posting the link. We question the independence and accuracy of this report. This sort of due diligence should've been done BEFORE we sought the bid. This is now all window dressing to cover the politician's a**'s. The Mayor will sign the blank check. Let the corruption begin.