Thursday, August 13, 2009

Finally Some Retail Opens at 1720 S. Michigan

The retail spots on the west side of Michigan Avenue between 16th and 18th street is pretty bleak. Besides Coast Sushi, a launder and Kroll's there is nothing except a lot of vacant retail space. Well that's all about to change tomorrow as a new convenience store is opening.

We went by the place today and it looks pretty nice. Also wanted to say thanks to YV for sending us info on this:
Opens August 14th at 6:30 am at the 1720 S Michigan building (retail space furthest south)
Your local source for:
  • freshly brewed coffee
  • pastries baked daily
  • convenience and grocery items
  • a full line deli
  • beer, wine, and spirits
  • seating area with WiFi
  • much more...
Owned and operated by South Loop residents. When you come in ask about our upcoming grand opening celebration.
Interestingly enough there is also a recently opened convience store about a block north of this on the east side of Michigan Ave called Green Leaf Market. It will be interesting to see if there is enough demand for both of these stores.


Chitownmez said...

I'm sitting in this market right now using the wifi. I have to say that this place is pretty great (especially since I live in the building). There's Boarshead in the deli and everything is very reasonably priced. Most definitely a great place to come visit!

Anonymous said...

I have really enjoyed having Green Leaf next door to my apartment. This place seems great too. The wifi is a great idea. Also the deli is nice.