Monday, August 31, 2009

Quick Update on Printer's Row Park

According to Ald. Fioretti's recent email newsletter:

I am happy to provide this update on the Printer's Row Park. The water retention system is near complete and this green space is progressing on schedule.

Look for the groundbreaking ceremony to take place in late October!
Good news!


Anonymous said...

Will there be crosswalks and/or signals to access this park?

Personally, I'd love to see traffic slowed down or restricted in this area.

Sloopy said...

Good question...not sure.

That's a very good idea as I know cars fly down that stretch on Dearborn.

We will email the alderman and see if they respond.

Scrumpy said...

Excited about this one!

marthub said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Any news if the green space will be "dog-free" or "dog-friendly"? The amount of waste in the area is bad enough. If the green space just becomes a dumping ground for PR pets then I don't look forward to using this park.

S Federal St resident.

Anonymous said...

The "Dog Free" topic you've raised is a valid one and I, as a conscientious canine owner would gladly respect whatever is decided upon BUT the bigger issue is with people not picking up after their animals in general. What would you suggest be done about enforcing a "dog free" zone?

Trash in general is an annoying problem around here, especially cig butts and empty booze cans/bottles. My suggestion has always been to stop bitching about the problem and exercise a little civic pride . . . pick it up yourself.

Carl said...

This park is finally open to the public and it looks amazing!