Monday, August 10, 2009

Restaurant Coming to 1212 S. Michigan Ave

Chicagobusiness is reporting that a new restaurant will open at 1212 S. Michigan Avenue. Lou Canellis, a local and national sportscaster, is behind the venture.

Although details (such as name, concept etc) have not been confirmed we're guessing that the restaurant will open at the Southwest corner of Michigan and Roosevelt. This is a prime spot and even has a small outdoor patio that could potentially be a nice spot for enjoying some food and/or drinks (however wind and noise from the road could make it a bad spot as well).

If we're not mistaken, Mayor Daley used this commercial space as the headquarters for his last election but it has been vacant for well over a year (at least).

We will keep you posted if we hear/read anything else.


Rob said...

Not sure about Daley, but the space was definitely Haithcock-affiliated.

Anonymous said...

Rob, you may be thinking of the building next door at something like 1226 S. Michigan that was Haithcock's office, which I was told in some circles was provided essentially free to her by a certain developer who donated boat loads to here financially.

Back to the concept, Park South 1212 was originally to be a pizza place partnered with Palarmo's (same group that has Red Ivy on Clyborn?). Plan is to make money on dine in, pizza, take-out, party space, and roof top lounge overlooking Grant Park.

Interesting how quick the zoning got approved with Allison Davis and the Mayors nephew Vernako (sp?) owning the place as part of city pension fund investment. Allison also is developer in Columbian and Roosevelt Hotel (if you can call it that)

Lou took his time to kiss the various local and king rings...:)

South Looper said...

Nope Anon, Rob is correct the space for Lou's new place was Haithcock's allegedly rent free office.

SoLo said...

Glad to see something opening. The selection in the neighborhood has gone from bad to worse lately. Hope this will bring beefed-up security in the area. I feel that late-night "Loitering" on Michigan between Roosevelt and 14th has become a sport over the past few months.

resident said...

It's a sport; and the uniform is baggy jeans and an over-sized white T-shirt. This will just give "players" another place to lean. Just wait until the Roosevelt Collection opens; full of Sec 8 renters.

Me said...

Uh, Section 8 tenants won't be able to afford living in the Roosevelt Collection. And these two comments bespeak more about your perception of people's behavior based on their appearance and clothing than anything else.