Thursday, November 20, 2008

More Talk About New Green Line El Stations in the South Loop

About a month ago on Sloopin, we talked about the possibility of two locations for new Green Line El stops in the South Loop.

Well today, one of the urban planners came back with their first thoughts. He cited the North, Damen and Milwaukee intersection and El stop as an example of what he envisioned for this area. I don't see how it would be like that, but regardless there is definitely potential for both of these stops (either 18th street and/or Cermack).

Here is a picture of the area proposed (yellow is residential, orange is hotels and gray is retail):

I sure hope they're taking the 2016 Olympic Bid into consideration while planning. I know the Olympic Bid could speed up the process for these projects to get the green light, but still it seems like development down here could be a big opportunity for the bid. I'm pretty sure they're smart enough to consider this, but I've seen our fabulous government do some pretty stupid things before.

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