Sunday, November 30, 2008

Lost in Translation: Joy Yee's Noodles

It was the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend and my cousins and I decided to venture down to Chinatown. Without knowing exactly where we wanted to go, we wandered and almost entered a restaurant through the back door. Thankfully we found the proper entrance to the "China Place Street", which is essentially a walking street similar to what you would find in European cities.

Anyway, we ended up at Joy Yee's Noodles, which was bustling with people eating and also getting bubble teas and other unique drinks. After awkwardly figuring out how and where to sit, we were given a massive menu. Ok, so massive is an understatement. This menu was quite impressive as it had over 500 dishes (and most with pictures). It also had a ridiculously extensive drink menu and when I say drinks I don't mean of the alcoholic variety (bubble teas, yogurts, fruits, etc.).

After spending about 30 minutes looking through the menu, we decided on a wide variety of things to try. To be honest, I had a hard time focusing on the menu due to its volume of contet, so if you try this place out, make sure you're ready to focus and not be indecisive.

In terms of the food everything was solid. The highlight was a curry dish served with soft shell crab and chicken over white rice. The service was quick and good, but if you're looking to be waited on, this isn't the place. The decor was nice, simple and basic. If you like asian simplicity, design and soap operas, you will like the look and feel of the restaurant.

All in all, we had a nice time and were happy with the decision. Most likely will be heading back sometime in the near future.


Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Joy Joy...this place is the bomb digg. Whats up with all these posts and no comments? Lame.

Sloop all you want sloopy..... Oh sloopy, sloopy come home.

deb said...

best fresh fruit bubble tea of chicago!! i should know. i'm asian.