Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Crazy Tight Security

Last night I decided to check out Grant Park and see what the scene looked like. As I walked east on Roosevelt, I ran into a Israeli news team taping a segment. At that point the historic nature of the election began to set in, the world is watching.

I've been going to Lollapalooza for a couple years now and am familiar with the location and security that accompanies that. I've seen people jump the fence with ease to sneak into Hutchinson field. That's not going to happen for the Obama rally. Besides being heavily guarded by police officers, there are three or more sets of fences that I noticed.

Anyway, the other odd thing that struck me was that every light pole was numbered. I assume this is for security, but none the less it was interesting:

Should be an interesting night in the South Loop...

I'm going to be posting observations live from the event...

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