Thursday, November 20, 2008

2016 Candidate Cities Invade Turkey

It's the first Olympic Committee meeting since Obama has been elected and that seems to be the talk of the convention. This week, the EOC or European Olympic Committee convenes for there annual meeting in Istanbul, Turkey. All four 2016 finalists will be present and giving presentation about their bids.

The most interesting development seems to be from Rio, who has adopted Obama's candidacy message of change. They also have stolen his "Yes, we can" rally call:
Chicago's rivals are adjusting to the Obama factor. Rio is even using his "Yes, we can" and time-for-change slogan as an example of why the Olympics should go to Brazil and South America for the first time.
Kinda funny...Hillary and McCain also tried to play off of and steal some of Obama's "marketing" thunder but it didn't work for them. Maybe it will work for Rio.

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