Thursday, November 6, 2008

Chicago 2016 Clinched? Hopefully, but not Yet

The CTA Tattler has an interesting post today about Obama’s potential impact on the CTA. Although I agree on many fronts, I think this statement in the post is a little premature:
"My prediction is that Obama's presidency won't make much of a difference to the CTA -- except that his election cinches the city's Olympics bid. And with that bid will come some federal dollars to improve public transportation to mostly South Side venues. But those dollars would have come regardless of who is president."

I agree that if (and that’s still a big if) Chicago gets the Olympics the CTA will get federal funds to beef up the South Side portion of the CTA. However, I know Obama helps Chicago’s profile internationally, but I think Rio has a compelling story that will be challenging for Chicago (no country in South America has ever hosted the Olympics).

Sloopin came up with some ideas to beef up the South Side CTAtake a look.

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