Saturday, November 15, 2008

Baseball or Golf?

Which would be better for the 2016 Olympics? They both are lobbying for inclussion in the 2016 Olympics and according this article on According to the article Chicago might help Baseball get a leg up:

It is believed that holding the 2016 Games in either Tokyo or Chicago, where professional baseball stadiums are available, would help lure MLB to participate.
Although it would be pretty cool to see a gold medal game at Wrigley Field, I think Baseball probably won't be included since logistically it seems tough to interupt the MLB season (which would be in the middle of its regular season).

On the other hand, Chicago has many great golf courses and seems to always be lauded for its support of the sport. It would be pretty fun to see Tiger compete for a gold medal towards the end of his career (he would be 40 when the games would be held).

The other sports, besides Golf and Baseball, competing to be included in the 2016 Olympics are Karate, squash, rugby, roller sports and softball.

So, what sports do you think would be best for the 2016 Olympics?

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