Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Restaurant Review: Grace O’Malley’s

Grace O’Malley’s is an upscale Irish pub and restaurant located just south of 14th on Michigan (1416 South Michigan Ave.). The bar itself is beautiful, classy and traditional. There is approximately 5 or 6 tables in the bar area and I’ve never had a problem finding a seat (there is also seating at the bar). That is not to say it doesn’t get busy, but more often then not you can find a seat if you desire.

In the back of the building there is a more formal and traditional restaurant area which caters to people and families looking to avoid the TV and rowdier bar crowd. There are also stairs to the second level, but I’ve never been up there. Judging by pictures online it looks like it can be reserved for private parties.

Besides a couple of appetizers that you can find anywhere (Quesadillas, Buffalo wings, nachos), the menu is mainly traditional Irish food. I’m not the biggest fan of Irish food, but overall everything I’ve had was solid, but not spectacular.

On to my favorite thing about the place, the bar. They have a variety of beers, drafts and liquors, but if you’re in the mood to try out some whiskey and scotch go for the flights (three samples of different kinds). I went for The Walker (black label, gold label and green label), but let’s be honest, I barely could tell the difference.

There aren’t a lot of specials, so if you’re looking to eat or drink for cheap try out it’s sister restaurant Wabash tap (on Wabash between roosevelt and 13th street). All in all Grace O’Malley’s is solid…

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