Thursday, June 9, 2016

What's Going On With The Chicago Firehouse Rebuild?

We've gotten a ton of emails asking about what's going on with The Chicago Firehouse restaurant.

As you may recall, the restaurant (ironically) went up in flames back in December of 2014.  The ownerships announced they would rebuild and reopen, but some remained skeptical.

There have definitely been signs of the rebuild.  Crews can often be spotted and we've had readers send us pictures like this one that we received recently:

We haven't heard anything official about a reopening, but another reader recently sent us this note:
Chicago Firehouse Restaurant - They're expanding and said to be open in 20 weeks however worker suggested December or January.
Seems unlikely, but glad to hear that talks of reopening are happening.  Can anyone corroborate this?

(Hat tip: TM & BB!)

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