Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Spoke & Bird Build-out Continuing; Publishing Opening Timeline Next Week

The Spoke & Bird, the new breakfast/brunch/lunch spot replacing Cafe Society @1801 S. Indiana, is apparently progressing nicely.  According to their Facebook page, they will be publishing their "(opening) timeline will be published next week!"

The outdoor patio at Cafe Society was always one of our favorite outside eating spots in the Sloop and it really seems like the owners of The Spoke & Bird are upping the game.

Not only is their vision and concept intriguing, they clearly have an eye for marketing.  They've got a snazzy website which features this a fun logo gif (it's the simple things that impress us here): 

While we've published other videos of theirs in the past, the current one on their site appears to be the most comprehensive in terms of what to expect:
Sounds good to us.  
We're already day dreaming about spending some time on their patio instead of being caged up in our place due to this lovely weather.

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