Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Spoke & Bird Launch Kickstarter Campaign For Upgrades

Like many Sloopers, we've always had a warm spot for Cafe Society, the quaint and slightly quirky restaurant/bistro at 1801 S. Indiana.  While they do have indoor seating space, much of the draw is the charming patio.  We've even touted their Chicago Spinach & Guacamole role as one of our Sloopin favorites!

This past Spring word came out that new owners were bringing a new concept to the space called Bird & Spoke.  Well the new owners took over the spot in July and made some slight changes, but are now launching a kickstarter campaign to take it to the next level

Best of luck to them and hopefully they can raise the funding needed to make their plan come true.

We'd sure like to see it!

(Hat tip:  MH!)

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