Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Racing Cars Gathering at 18th Foot Bridge Every Weekend Night?

A reader writes:
Hi, I live in the area and called the police several times during the weekends at night. Large groups of racing cars gather near the foot bridge on 18th and come from the lakeshore drive ramp skidding their wheels, showing off and making noise. They turn onto the 18th drive towards museum campus still driving recklessly. The police never show up...I'm afraid an unsuspecting car will get hit by these idiots. What else should I do! The noise is irritating especially at 1am.
The reader followed-up with some pictures and some additional thoughts:
Finally, after months of calling, the police show up for a second time tonight! I wonder if has to do with the recent crimes in the area that are getting the south loop media attention.  This happens every Friday and Saturday night. This past weekend There were over 25 cars.


Has anyone else noticed this?

(Hat tip:  CF!)

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