Wednesday, February 18, 2015

High-Profile HighRise Alert: Surveyors Spotted at Southeast Corner of Roosevelt & Michigan

Could something really be happening at the empty, high-profile southeast corner of Michigan and Roosevelt?  A reader writes:
There were surveyors on the empty lot today on the southeast corner of Roosevelt and Michigan.
Rendering of "The Chicago" at Michigan and Roosevelt
Well this isn't the first time we've talked about this lot - cue required mention of grandiose high-rise that many have completely discounted.  While we're not saying "The Chicago" will be built (which is the rendering in the image on the right), it only seems like a matter of time until something gets announced here.

We heard a rumor about the British School of Chicago looking at this lot, but that seems HIGHLY unlikely (and probably unnecessary given their current building just north of Roosevelt Collection). 

While surveyors don't always mean something is definitely coming, it does usually mean there is some interest.  

With the real estate market heating up (see post yesterday) it just seems like this lot getting developed is inevitable.

If it happens, hopefully it's a statement high-rise.  This is about as high-profile of a spot that there is in the South Loop.

(Hat tip:  AK!)  

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