Monday, February 9, 2015

CTA Green Line Stop at Cermak Marks First Major Completed Step in Evolution of Motor Row Entertainment District

Rendering of the CTA Green Line Stop at Cermak
The first major civic infrastructure improvement for the Motor Row entertainment district is now complete as the CTA Green line stop at Cermak is open and ready for use (via CBS2):
Just in time for next weekend’s Chicago Auto Show, the CTA is opening its new Cermak-McCormick Place Green Line station.  
The station, at 13 E. Cermak Rd., will be impossible to miss, thanks to the distinctive tube-shaped canopy that encloses the platform. CTA spokesman Brian Steele said there has been no station on the Green Line between Roosevelt and the 35th/IIT-Bronzeville station since the 1970s.

As you may recall this construction has been in the works for awhile and we've been talking about here at Sloopin since way back in Oct of 2011 (wow!).

Anyway, the major story here is that it's now going to provide another access point to what the city hopes is the revitalization of this area and especially the Motor Row Entertainment District.

It's taken a long time to get this far, but hopefully things continue to materialize for Motor Row.

(Hat tip:  SW!)

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