Friday, February 20, 2015

More Rumors & Information About Potential High-Rise at Southeast Corner of Michigan and Roosevelt

Massing Model for Building
@ SE Corner of
Michigan & Roosevelt?
Well yesterday we received a tip from a reader that a poster on had some more rumors/information on this corner:
Hello all, First time poster on SkyscraperPage. I recently moved to Chicago and also from skyscrapercity to skyscraperpage. I am a Landscape Architect for a great landscaping company in Chicago.  
I scanned back through the last 50 pages of the forum and see a lot of great projects in the pipeline! I didn't see anything about a project being bid in our commercial estimating department right now (but I could easily have overlooked). It's a 50+ story scraper just off Grant Park. It has a series of step backs with green roofs. I'll try to get more info about the exact location and who the architects are if this project has not already been reported in here.  
I look forward to contributing photos and whatever comes across my path to the forum. Cheers!
As the thread goes on, it becomes clear that the parcel of land the reader is talking about is none-other than the the lot at Michigan and Roosevelt:
So the project is called Grant Park Tower III. It is on the south side of the park. Architect is Rafael Vinoly. I counted over 70 floors - parapet height is 830'. I did a google search and it appears that it is a project back from the dead with an overhaul on the design. Many step backs with cool pocket green roofs.
If you're interested in the story, we highly suggest heading on over to the page to read through the posts.

The conversation gets pretty detailed, but eventually some pics come out of what the building might look like from a massing model standpoint (see image above).

While it still seems like there is a lot of unknown information, this story seems to be getting more real by the day.

Stay tuned.

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