Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sloopin Retail Roundup

Given the fact that we finally have some consistent warm weather, we've been walking around the Sloop more and have noticed some 'newer' retail places opening up:

Three Peas Art Lounge (75 E 16th)
This recently opened spot looks to be a great and unique addition to the neighborhood:
If you're interested in art but intimidated by traditional galleries, grab a drink and ogle the walls at this South Loop spot. Comfy armchairs and a small bar lined with stools provide plenty of space to lounge and take in the latest featured artwork in a laid-back setting.
We're looking forward to checking this place out.

The Grill (823 S. State)
This spot used to be Ufood Grill, but it seems to have recently went through a change in name. We couldn't find much about the new name or concept, but it looks very similar inside. It also looks like it's the same owner, but we're not sure about that. The restaurant looks to have changed its mantra from 'healthy' food to simply traditional grill food (ie burgers, fries, etc).

Greenleaf Food Mart (on Michigan between 16th and 18th)
Doesn't look to be anything fancy, but definitely a convenient spot for locals. If you want groceries then go to Jewel or Dominicks on Roosevelt. If you need a quick soda or a pack of smokes then this is your spot.

Bella Bronze Tan (1503 S. Michigan)
If tanning is your thing that you will be happy to see this new place opening.
(3 peas art lounge image from 3peasartlounge website)


Anonymous said...

Found out about your blog via Chicago journal and intend on checking you out regularly now. Wonder if any of you have been by Cafe Mediterra on Dearborn this summer? Found out they didn't apply for license to have outdoor seating this year -- too expensive for them, plus they got fined so many times last year when customers smoked out there. Wonder if you know how much those outdoor licenses cost, and how high smoking fines are? I miss the outdoor seating at Mediterra!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering what happened to Mediterra's outdoor seating. If this smoking fine nonsense is true, I am appalled. No wonder the city wanted a smoking ban...so they can fine small businesses and take their money. More money for the city, less money for small businesses. Kinda reminds me of the parking meter lease. Anyone else notice all the open parking on Dearborn since the meter rates went up. Can't be good for business.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the owner of Ufood Grill got out of his franchise agreement: