Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Infrastructure Improvements in the South Loop

Every so often we get a newsletter from Alderman Fioretti about things happening in our ward and this particular one had some updates on infrastructure improvements around the Sloop:
Street Resurfacing work is underway on South State Street from Polk to 11th street and on South Michigan Avenue from 14th to 15th and 16th to 17th streets. Enjoy the smoother ride; I know your bikes and cars will!

The Wabash Street construction north of Roosevelt is nearing its completion. The street work is almost done; all that remains is the installation of our crosswalks!
We had a post about the Wabash construction if you want more background and some comments on the topic.

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Also in the newsletter there was some information about the dedication of the new Printer's Row park:
I (ald. Fioretti) will be hosting a dedication of this park on Saturday, November 7th at 10 a.m. in coordination with Chicago Community Bank and other local businesses, organizations and institutions.
For an older post about Printer's Row park click here.


Unknown said...

State Street south of Roosevelt has been a complete mess for years??? It's like driving on the moon trying to avoid the manhole "craters"...

This is where the repaing needs to happen, before the CTA busses completely collapse!

resident said...

I agree! The only thing worse than the road conditions on State, south of Roosevelt, is the condition of the sidewalks on both sides of the street. Broken pavement, uneven curbs, dead trees, mangled steel landscaping boxes, etc.

I hope fixing these sidewalks becomes a priority. (And clean up the huge amount of pigeon sh!t all over the sidewalks near the L stop too)

Unknown said...

more bad news for S State... the parkway trees are Ash and they are looking weaker and weaker every year thanks to the EAB... Dearborn Park II and the adjacent buildings will resemble a wasteland pretty soon, similar to the landscaping surrounding the 14th Pl substation which hasn't seen any maintenance for a long time.

Anonymous said...

I live in Dearborn I and I talked to the Alderman's office last week. They told me the Alderman secured stimulus money to repave State South of Roosevelt but couldn't give me a date when it would start, so lets hope it happens!