Friday, October 23, 2009

Retail Roundup

Astoria Towers (at the corner of 9th and State) is wrapping up construction and sales of condos continue. The Chicago Tribune has a little piece about the amenities at the building, which seem a little overboard (ie golf simulator) but nice regardless. Of more interest there looks to be at least one retail tenant that is planned for the building:

LA Boxing (which is on State Street between 8th and 9th) is a gym that focuses on workouts by utilizing a boxing type of class:
The LA Boxing Workout™ mirrors an actual boxing, kickboxing or mixed martial arts bout with five, three-minute rounds separated by one-minute active breaks.
Using a heavy bag, gloves, jump rope, timer and music, the workouts build cardio endurance and muscle tone. The concept is unique in that it teaches proper punching and kicking form and basic fighting techniques while offering a full-body workout. Classes are taught in a group setting to boost participation and intensity, and they are scheduled at convenient times. LA Boxing also offers a full range of free weights, weight machines and cardio equipment.

According to their website they will be opening sometime in November.

Smiling Bright (1247 S. Wabash) is set to open tomorrow October 26th according to posters in their windows:

Smiling Bright is a chain of professional teeth whitening stores, started by two entrepreneurs who recently left the corporate world to launch this unique concept with the simple goal of making teeth whitening affordable for
everyone, one smile at a time. The company has launched its premier
locations in Chicago, with more locations planned throughout the United

In other retail news, Halo (1351 S. Michigan), a salon geared towards men, has officially opened.


Anonymous said...

Not one single restaurant or clothing store. Pathetic. What we did NOT need in this neighborhood was another dentist, salon, or gym.

Anonymous said...

FYI: There are two or three new restaurants on that block.

Anonymous said...

My favorite part of the blog is the updates about the latest openings and newest developments!

resident said...

By far, the best part of this blog is the "scoop" on new openings in the neighborhood. However, I'm with Anon, these openings don't excite me at all. I'm shocked at the lack of retail and dining options along South Michigan Ave. I doubt that there is any other stretch in the downtown area with nearly as many vacant storefronts.