Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween in the Sloop

One of our favorite annual 'holidays' is sneaking up on us this weekend and if you don't have plans for Halloween yet, there are a wide variety of events going down in the Sloop. And if the search for the perfect costume is still alluding you, maybe you could wander over to the temporary Halloween store at the corner of 9th and Wabash for inspiration.

In terms of events we haven't confirmed with every bar in the area, but our guess is that almost everyone in the area will have some sort of festivities if you're down for that.

For families, the Dearborn I & II neighborhoods always seem to have a solid showing of kids and parents strolling around door to door. We would assume the same can be said for many of the townhouses east of Michigan avenue.

If you need more organized fun, the Prairie District Alliance has plenty of activities:
  • A Halloween Pet Costume Contents that begins at 6:30pm at the Glessner Coach House (1800 S. Prairie) on Thursday October 29th
  • A Monster Mash Halloween Bash at Reggie's Music Joint (2105 S. State) that begins at 8:30pm on Friday, October 30th. The party includes food and drink for $25 and there will be a costume contest as well.
  • Finally they will have a Prairie District Children's Halloween Party on Saturday, October 31st from 4:30-6:30pm at the Glessner Coach House (1800 S. Prairie).
For more information and rsvp information on all the Prairie District Alliance activities please check their website here.1:30p


Anonymous said...

$25 for 3 hour bar? I will drink my share way in 45 minutes.

Anonymous said...

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