Thursday, October 8, 2009

Chicago Marathon's 26.2 Mile Course Ends in the Sloop Sunday

Crowd control fences are already out on Michigan avenue and either that means Barack Obama just won the presidential race or the annual Chicago Marathon is coming to town (this Sunday 10/11). For those of you who aren't familiar with the race, it's a standard 26.2 mile course that snakes its way through various Chicago neighborhoods and wraps up through our beloved South Loop.

The final mile of the grueling run begins at 18th and Michigan (see image on the right), where runners stammer up to the corner of Michigan Ave and Roosevelt, take a right east on Roosevelt and finally take a left on Columbus where the finish line awaits. For an interactive map of the course check out this link.

Regardless of whether or not you're going to check out the marathon, it's helpful to know that Michigan Avenue (between 35th and Roosevelt) will be closed for the race from 7am to 2:30pm. The same holds true for Roosevelt road (between Michigan Avenue and Columbus dr.).

Good luck to all of you who will be participating! We will be cheering you on because god knows we can't run that much.


Anonymous said...

Two Section 8s just stole the tip jar @ dunkin donuts @ 16th St. A police chase ensued in front of all the marathon participants and their fans. Great exposure south loop!

Lance Uppercut said...

Your "Two Section 8s" stereotyping isn't exactly doing the South Loop any favors either.

Your bigoted sense of civic pride is underwhelming.

Anonymous said...

Why not let him speak the truth Lance. Shall we keep the feel good lie about the root of the violence, and still find a way to blame it on 'whitey', lack of programs, etc. Frankly the need to close down the Section 8 program and let these people move on to a better opportunity outside Chicago.

Lance Uppercut said...

You know what? People of all colors steal for a variety of reasons. I'm not saying I condone it but if a seemingly destitute person steals some change . . . I'm not losing any sleep over it and I sure as hell don't want my tax dollars being spent on their incarceration.

All I have to do is look at my monthly 401K statements to witness the results of affluent (generally White) peoples theft. That's were I choose to direct my outrage.

And unless you know it as a personal fact, calling complete strangers "those people" and "Sections 8's" only heats the molecules of civil unrest/disobedience.

Anonymous said...

You know what "Lance," you are the ONLY person bringing race/color into the argument.

I'll repeat the sentiment of an earlier anon poster: rather than rip into those who are complaining about the criminals, why don't you attack the crime itself?

Lance Uppercut said...

Tsk, tsk . . . all these "Section 8/those people" remarks are just thinly-veiled race baiting.

Shades of grey are all the colors I see.

I make a distinction between the petty theft of a tip jar and serious crime/violence.

Anonymous said...

Lance: part of the reason the "white" government keeps taxing you and "white" corporate America is causing your 401k to perform weakly is partly because of failed government-funded programs such as Section 8. Hence, your hard-earned tax dollars are going to these crimals anyway - either via paying for jails or paying for welfare programs.

Here's something for all to chew on: I have to take a drug test and stay out of trouble with the law in order to keep my job. That job pays me a salary; my salary is taxed by the government and part of it is distributed to programs such as unemployment, welafre, section 8n etc. Tell me this, why do the people who collect these benefits NOT have to take a drug test or pass a background check in order to collect a welfare check? Seems unfair.