Monday, October 26, 2009

Could Some South Loop Red Light Cameras Move?

Doubtful in our opinion but we would love to see it! The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that:
Chicago's worst budget crisis in modern history has put the brakes on plans to expand the city's Big Brother network of red-light cameras to more than 330 accident-prone intersections by 2012.

Mayor Daley's tough-times 2010 budget includes no money for additional red-light cameras after installing them at 50 intersections this year, bringing the citywide total to 189.

Instead, the Chicago Department of Transportation plans to yank 20 existing cameras out of their current locations and "relocate" them "to intersections where they would have the most positive effect on traffic safety," according to budget documents.

As far as we know, there are only two red light cameras in the South Loop (one at the Roosevelt and State intersection and one at the Roosevelt and Canal intersection). Both are major thoroughfares so our guess is that these will not be moved. Are there any other intersections we're missing?

How do people feel about these cameras? Although we can't say we have been in more or less accidents because of them, the Chicagoist has a great post circa 2008 citing a study that claims these cameras cause more accidents because people slam on their breaks to avoid tickets. We couldn't agree more with the study...


Carl said...

Ugh. That Roosevelt/Canal camera nabbed me turning right on a red (Canal North to Roosevelt East) . . . no posted sign against this but it would cost me more in lost wages to fight it.

Rip 'em all out IMO!

Anonymous said...

I'm a pedestrian and I want more red lights cameras especially on Michigan Avenue. I see cars going 50 MPH a lot on this street… WTF? Also, what's up with drivers who make fast turns on crowded crosswalks missing a mother with stroller by 12 INCHES? I even got hit once by a somewhat hot chick that was crawling to make a right-turn on red. Fortunately, it didn't hurt and fortunately she was a hot chick because her car may have been beaten to a pulp by an Incredible Hulk. One night I saw a pickup truck hit a person on a bicycle crossing on a RED light and it that didn't look fun. The truck was going too fast and didn't stop on time. There are some pretty dumb drivers here. The last time I saw a speeding ticket was when I was on a speeding cab and a cop pulled my driver over. Anyway, I drive in the burbs and I like those cameras. If I have to make a right turn on red with those cameras, I don't. F**K my impatience, I’ll just turn on green.

Anonymous said...

I've gotten 1 ticket at each of those intersections. The Roosevelt/Canal camera seems to flash constantly. I also got a ticket for talking on my cell phone while driving on state street...grrr.

Unknown said...

Cermak/Clark has the cameras, too. I've been blinded by the camera flash while walking home from the Chinatown Red Line stop late at night! :)

MAF said...

Halsted and Roosevelt also has the cameras.

I think that every intersection that has the red-light cameras should also have to have the crosswalk sign that do a numeric countdown.

But that will cost money.