Friday, May 29, 2009

Upbeat Coverage of Alderman Fioretti

The Chicago Journal has a recent piece about our 2nd Ward Alderman, Bob Fioretti. His second anniversary recently passed and the Journal provides some perspective on the job he's doing. Although it's clear he has some shortfalls (check our open thread on Fioretti), this article makes it seem like he's doing a good job:
Our alderman has also been picking up a lot of steam by hosting town hall meetings lately, the second year in a row he’s organized the sessions, wherein Bob talks about the importance of calling 311 (a common reminder from him) and introduces staffers like Luis, the ward sanitation super. The town halls are organized by region — east region, south region, mid-north region, west region. Who knew our ward had so many regions? He’s doing community meetings a mile a minute, too — everywhere that more than two chairs can fit in a room and at least one Doubting Thomas has a question or concern. He schedules appearances wherever ward residents get together: school meetings, block parties, fence dispute demilitarized zones.

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Anonymous said...

Not true of the "fence issue." After he was elected (after telling local residents one thing and then doing another), he has refused to meet with the affected residents. Very very disappointing.