Monday, May 25, 2009

Open Thread: Real Estate Development

Open thread about real estate development in the Sloop. Please let us know what you think!


Anonymous said...

Anyone noticed that most of Ickes is now demolished, but the remaining ones are the building closest to Cermak? I was hoping the last remaining buildings would be few blocks south.

Anonymous said...

Hi-I'm going out searching for places to live in the South Loop on Saturday...So far, I'm planning on the Marquee, Sky 55, and Michigan Ave Tower II. Ideally, I want someplace pet-friendly with a view. Any advice?

Anonymous said...

From the Trib (,0,7590662.story), 10/21:

"The reason (the South Loop) is getting crushed is it's only the South Loop in a good market," Greco said. "In a bad market, it's no man's land. In a good market, people assume neighborhoods will be expanding. When the market crashes, it's like the Sycamore or Moline of Chicago."

Kelly Cirignani, a sales agent at Patrick Jeffrey Realty, is working with a first-time homebuyer who until recently was looking specifically at newer construction in the South Loop.

The client settled on a unit and was ready to make a 50 percent down payment, until his lender said it would not approve a mortgage in the chosen building. Cirignani now is scouting properties in Old Town and Lincoln Park. "He doesn't want anything to do with South Loop," she said. "I warned him before it (happened). I guess we didn't realize how bad it was."