Sunday, May 10, 2009

IOC Official: Obama Will Bring 2016 Olympics to Chicago

IOC official, Pat Henry, recently spoke to the Irish Times about various topics, but also commented on the contest to host the 2016 olympics:
The three other cities all have fantastic bids. The Tokyo bid is superb, probably the best of all. Madrid has most of the Olympic infrastructure in place, a great transport system as well. Rio has a big advantage too in that the Olympics have never gone to a South American city, and it's probably about time they did. But Barack Obama is going to show up in Copenhagen in October. He'll work the room for about 20 minutes and that will probably be enough to swing it for Chicago. The same as Tony Blair swung it for London.

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WallyB said...

Sloopin, check out this article. It's from Politico about President Obama and his White House's efforts to bring the 2016 Olympics to Chicago. Kind of a overview of what's going on.