Sunday, May 31, 2009

How Skyscrapers Are Marketed to Foreigners

We always here people say 'who is buying all the units in the new downtown skyscrapers?' We also hear about foreign investors buying in these buildings and today we direct you to a promotional piece on an Irish website ( highlighting one of our local high rises, Marquee (1464 S Michigan):
Developed by local firm Sedgewick Properties, Marquee is just a few minutes walk from Millennium Park, Chicago's answer to Central Park, where Barack Obama made his acceptance speech on the night he was elected president. Marquee is also convenient to the lake front, a major water leisure amenity where Chicagoans walk, jog, cycle, stroll or just chill out.
Always interesting to see how foreigners talk/hear about our city and neighborhood.

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Unknown said...

Especially considering he made his speech in Grant Park. I remember seeing ads once for condos by Foster Ave. They advertised the property as "Located at the Nothern edge of Lincoln Park". While technically correct, kind of misleading.

Though a short walk from Millenium Park is certainly cheerier than a short walk from the Harold Ickes homes.