Monday, May 11, 2009

Digital Screens Added to Platform at Roosevelt Stop

It's hard not to notice some of the CTA's 'user experience' upgrades that have been happening recently. Last year they introduced the bus tracker which really blew our socks off. Their website redesign also was a positive in many peoples eyes.

There are still a ton of problems with the CTA, but they're making progress. A couple of weeks ago the CTA Tattler had a post about the installation of 52-inch flat screen TVs at the Addison red line stop. The screens serve up information such as when the next train is coming as well as ads.

We recently noticed that these same flat screens were installed at the Roosevelt stop (green/orange line platform). As of today they weren't functional, but we imagine someone will flip the switch soon.

According to the Tattler, this won't cost the city any money and will bring in $101 million over the next ten years thanks to ad revenue.


Andy Sites said...

The signs are great idea, but poorly implemented. Ads are fine, but the train arrivals should be displayed at all times, if even in a small corner of the screen - especially when "fun facts" are being shown and not ads.

Furthermore displays should be on the side of platforms so that they can be seen from afar. While somewhat useful to know when the train is arriving while on the platform, it's much more valuable when someone is on the street.

This is especially true at the Roosevelt stop. If a red line is coming in 3 minutes and not a Green or Orange for 10 and you're heading to State/Lake area it's good to know whether to go up or down at the station.

Unknown said...

This is long overdue, but greatly appreciated.. Thanks for the update Sloopin.